Learning Gardens

Learning Gardens is a meta-organization weaving networks of self-organized learning groups.

At its simplest, this means we want to help you start and run your own learning group.

At its best, we hope you and your friends achieve nirvana.

Joining Learning Gardens is free and interest-driven. We encourage you to realize how much existing infrastructure for learning exists in the form of people, places, and resources.

We are an internet-native organization. As such, we seek to embrace transparency, decentralization, and multiple access points.

“Étudiants sans Frontières”

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What does Learning Gardens do?

We help you join one of our learning groups or start your own. A group (or "garden") is a collection of people investigating a particular set of ideas. As a collective, we host a number of platforms, resources, and communities to support people taking agency in learning outside of institutions.

Learning Gardens hosts some groups (listed below) and we also have friend organizations. For those within LG's substrate, we acknowledge four loose "types" of groups—each an organizational paradigm.

  • STUDIO - project-based working and sharing
  • STUDY HALL - ask questions and build knowledge in public
  • READING GROUP - meetings around a syllabus or interest
  • WORKSHOP - one-off or series of intensive working sessions

How do I join a group?

We recommend you join a conversation platform that the group uses to organize, then introduce yourself. People in Learning Gardens are open.

Want to start your own?
email us!

Pixel Lab


Pixel Lab is dedicated to working on creative technological projects and teaching each other how we can use computers as artistic tools.

Cybernetics Club

reading group

A reading and discussion group around all things cybernetics.

studio studio


studio studio is a distributed community sharing practical knowledge, libraries of resources, collaborating on work, and joining in crit sessions.


study hall

A space to ask and answer questions related to code, computation, programming, and the idiosyncrasies of tech culture.


study hall

#economics-and-finance is the money garden, an independent learning group focused on the study of industry, markets, value, and exchange.

Applying For Things


Find, apply for, and get opportunities to support creative practices. We invite experts in the field to share their perspective on reading & selecting projects, and work together to get into the habit of applying for creative opportunities.

Critical UI Design

study hall

A discussion group about the practice and nature of interface design.


study hall

A discussion group around photography.


study hall

Gardening is a slow-burning space for sharing & increasing knowledge & appreciation of plants


study hall

Theorize about real-time multiplayer virtual worlds and other finite/infinite games of chance and group imagination. Ask questions like "How do players negotiate the social contracts of virtual spaces shaped by parameters of chance?" Answer together.


study hall

A place for conversation about fascinating books; unread books; the libraries of infinite potential that expand our “adjacent possible” just by being aware of them. A literary meta-verse for readers and writers. A generator for spinoff book groups.