Learning Gardens

— “Étudiants sans Frontières”

Ian Hamilton Finlay said, "a garden is not an object but a process".

Learning Gardens is the idea that you can run your own learning group. We are here to help and connect.

Email us at hello@learning-gardens.co.

Friends of Learning Gardens

We recommend the following as initiatives to consider.

The Cabbage School (Asheville, North Carolina)
Fruitful School (New York City)
Floating University (Berlin)
Hamtramck Free School (Hamtramck, Michigan)
Machine Project (defunct, Los Angeles)
Enrol Yourself (London)
Mountain School of Arts (Los Angeles)
Evening Class (London)
NAVEL (Los Angeles)
2727 California Street (Berkeley, California)
Trust (Berlin)
BUFU BY US FOR US (New York City)
Soft Surplus (New York City)
Prime Produce (New York City)
This Will Take Time (Point Arena, California)
Open-End-Ed (Chicago)
SFPC (New York City)
Omni Commons (Oakland, California)
Other Internet Workshops (Remote)
New Computer Working Group (Remote)