Learning Gardens

— “Étudiants sans Frontières”

Learning Gardens is a meta-organization
a “network of self-organized learning groups”.

At its simplest, this means we want to help you start and run your own learning group.

At its best, we hope you and your friends achieve nirvana.

Joining is free and driven by you.

We encourage you to realize how much existing infrastructure for learning exists in the form of people, places, and resources.

What does Learning Gardens do?

We help you join a learning group or start your own. A group (or “garden”) is a collection of people investigating a particular set of ideas.

As a collective/container, we host a number of platforms and resources to support people taking agency in learning outside of institutions.

How do I join a garden?

We recommend you first look at our list of groups and decide which is of interest.

If appropriate, join a conversation platform (such as Slack or Discourse) that the learning group uses to organize, then introduce yourself.

Want to start your own? Email us!