We launched our Kickstarter campaign a week ago, but met our goal of $600 in a matter of hours. Since then, contributions have continued to roll in and we have gotten to work revising our copy, participants, and printers. We are also delighted to be a part of the Kickstarter make100 campaign (with projects listed here).

Firstly: thank you to all of our gardeners, friends, and associates who made this happen. We already knew there was something special about the LG community, and a roaring success for a fundraiser helps validate that.

Learning Gardens does not exist without our group leaders and everyone who shares, builds, and learns together. This organization is you—and you should be proud.

We have now had meetings with both Publication Studio in LA and Platform in Chicago, discussing the form and logistics of our flagship reward: the Learning Gardens Reader. Platform, based in Chicago, will be our awesome printer for the project.

The Kickstarter money will firstly cover our pamphlet printing costs and other merchandise.

Everything else will go towards our Learning Gardens Microgrants program (exact name TBD), which will grant groups between $50 and $300 to fund organizational development, field trips, projects, and other activity within gardens that necessitates a budget. Our primary goal with the grants is to make learning group organization a more accessible activity to all.

As of writing, we have over $1000 in our campaign. As a stretch goal, if we can reach $1400 by the end of our month, not only will the entire pamphlet be Risograph printed, but all contributors over $5 will receive a Learning Gardens pencil too.

We are now collecting the pages from all of our participating gardens:

We are confirming the Meals and Philosophy gardens shortly. (We are also well aware that our gender ratio for tenders is abysmal!)

Thanks to our gardeners, especially Kira Simon-Kennedy, Ryan Mather, and Amardeep S. for their helpful input in merch and running a Kickstarter.

You can always email us with questions, concerns, ideas: hello@learning-gardens.co.