Fueled by our successful Kickstarter, Learning Gardens now has a budget to work with, and we have put this to use with a small merch store and our first rollout of the Nursery Grants.

The Nursery Grants are our way to start financially supporting projects we believe in, on top of whatever resources and community we can provide. We intend on this being a regular thing, as regularly as we can afford, and we aim for the size of the grant to increase as we better organize and set up funding sources.

We had a great pool of applicants, and ultimately made our decisions based on the projects that demonstrated the greatest need and community empowerment.

Now, our two recipients:

By Us For Us:

BUFU is a collaborative living archive centered around (pan)Black and (pan)Asian cultural and political relationships. We, the founders of this project, are a collective of queer, femme and non-binary, Black and East-Asian artists and organizers. Our goal is to facilitate a global conversation on the cultural contact between Black & Asian diasporas, with an emphasis on building solidarity, de-centering whiteness, and resurfacing our deeply interconnected and complicated histories. We attempt to achieve this through our collaborative programming, our visual archives, and through building long-term partnerships with collectives, organizations, and individuals.

Currently, we are working on a month-long programming in July 2017 sharing strategies, resources, and skills between and/or on collectives. We are focusing on how we build together through organizing, healing, nightlife, and art within QTPOC collectives. We have confirmed spaces in the Brooklyn Museum, SPR space, Laundromat project, Museum of Chinese in America, and the Bronx Social Center, and have up to 50 individuals and collectives confirmed who are collaborating with us for the programming. We have intentionally reached out to different cultural and social centers throughout the five boroughs so that we can have programming that is accessible to different folks in different areas of the city.

BUFU will use the Nursery Grant to support transit to the Summer programming.

And Extra-Curricular:

Extra-curricular is a reader of collected texts about self-organized learning, experiments, and alternatives in art and design education. Occurring both within and separate from current institutions, these new forms of learning and organization question how learning takes place, for whom, and the ideologies inherent in existing models, among many other things. An (admittedly) incomplete inventory, this book aims to serve as a starting point for further discussion and experimentation.

Jacob will use the Nursery Grant on printing and distribution costs.

Thanks y’all. And Congratulations to our grant winners.

Nursery Grants will be a recurring program. We’re open to feedback and ideas for next time. Should we have been more open about the review process? Should we take applications differently? Got other questions or thoughts? email us: hello@learning-gardens.co.