Learning Gardens

Learning Gardens is a meta-organization weaving networks of self-organized learning groups.

At its simplest, this means we want to help you start and run your own learning group.

At its best, we hope you and your friends achieve nirvana.


Joining us largely means joining our slack. Say hello!

Please do read our Code of Conduct too.

If you own or participate in your own learning group, we additionally encourage you to message us for further information.


We try to use tools that are free, open, and relatively transparent.

We use Slack to communicate and chat.
We use Github and Google Drive to build public learning resources.

You're welcome to join and assemble with us on Are.na, which we use to find and collect research materials. In a way, Learning Gardens was born from this network.

Our lovely learning groups:


Mondays is a casual discussion group for creative thinkers from all disciplines. Its simple aim is to encourage knowledge-sharing and self-learning by providing a space for the commingling of ideas, for reflective conversations that might otherwise not be had.

Organizes via Slack

Pixel Lab

A community of indie game devs and weird web artists — we're here to learn from each other and provide feedback and support for our digital side projects.

Organizes via

Cybernetics Club

Cybernetics Club is a learning group organized around the legacy of cybernetics and all the fields it has touched. What is the relevance of cybernetics today? Can it provide us the tools to make sense of the world today? Better yet, can it give us a direction for improving things?

Organizes via

Pedagogy Play Lab

A reading club about play, pedagogy, and learning meeting biweekly starting soon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Organizes via


Philosophy Study Hall

Organizes via

Applying For Things

Applying For Things is a gathering put together by res, who are here to help you find, apply for, and get opportunities to help your creative practice: residencies, grants, fellowships, incubators, labs, and so on. We invite experts in the field to share their perspective on reading & selecting projects, and work together to get into the habit of applying for creative opportunities.

Organizes via

Speculating Futures

Speculating Futures looks at past speculative narratives, like those of Ursula K. Le Guin, and past attempts at creating technological utopia, like Chile's Cybersyn. These readings examine the shortcomings that prevented these visions from being fully realized and how they may have been limited or exclusionary. These texts also tie these visions to the contemporary issues/present dystopias that need to be addressed in subsequent utopian imaginaries.

Organizes via

studio studio

studio studio is a distributed community sharing practical knowledge, libraries of resources, collaborating on work, and joining in crit sessions.

Organizes via

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